There are many reasons to choose custom stained glass work:

  • A more elegant alternative to blinds, curtains, drapers, etc.
  • To provide a heritage piece for your home, one that will last for years to come
  • To give privacy to an otherwise visible area
  • To cover an unseemly view visible area
  • To express your unique sense of style
  •  To highlight and set off a part of your home
  • To add value and charm to your home

The items you see on this web site are the things I have made and sold in the past and can duplicate within a 2-4 week time period. I will advise you of the estimated completion and estimated shipping date. I will also notify you when your order is actually shipped to you.
Any of my items may be done with different colors of glass. I can also enlarge or make smaller any of the designs to fit your needs. I will work with you to create a design that is in harmony with your home and your tastes. From traditional patters to one-of-a-kind custom designs, a beautiful stained glass window adds substantially to the enjoyment and the value of your home.
There may be an occasion where the glass you see in the piece is no longer available but if that is the case, I will contact you so a replacement can be made. I take great care in packaging my items for shipment to assure a safe delivery. I also use priority mail so your items can arrive in a timely manner.

If you h ave any questions regarding my items, please contact me at (915) 541-8995 or email:  and I will answer you as quickly as possible.